Our portfolio

Pioneering Innovation Across Sectors

We’ve been fortunate enough to engage in projects across a diverse range of sectors such as healthcare, real estate, Industry 4.0, automotive, marketing and sales, education, digital identity, and more. Our expertise lies in leveraging cutting-edge technologies like Extended Reality (XR), Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), Digital Twins, the Metaverse, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Blockchain.

With our innovative approach, we’re not just delivering solutions – we’re crafting digital experiences that drive transformation, foster efficiency, and cultivate growth.

Evium Space InnovaEx23

Incredible!! What an event #innovaEx23 was!! We had a blast!! The benefits of #EviumSpace for #Education were more than evident. Teachers in #Extremadura…

Evium Space + Evium Creator

https://youtu.be/cuRqFoLd7kw Moreover, it also features a content creator tool, allowing anyone to craft their own metaverse. Truly, with EVIUM, the possibilities for global…

Hyper-realistic showroom VR

Introducing our hyper-realistic development capabilities designed to revolutionize how you navigate the metaverse. Our advanced platform not only provides immersive training experiences but…

Eco Cardio Simulator VR

Through this development we have implemented for IMETS VR, healthcare professionals can be trained in the use of a #digital ultrasound machine to…

Healthcare in the Metaverse

Welcome to the future of healthcare with our groundbreaking multi-user environment designed for viewing 3D elements like cells – a metaverse for health….

Training VR in Electrical Risk

Introducing our revolutionary VR simulator designed for Occupational Hazard Prevention in Electrical Risks. Imagine being able to train on rescuing someone from an…

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